A hobby programming language?

Slope is a hobby programming language. It is built for the joy of building something. It s built for fun, both in its coding and in coding with it. It is not the fastest language with the hottest features. It is not the most stable thing or the best tool for every or even any job. It likely will never be those things. If you use it and you get utility out of it I am happy about that: that is amazing and excites me! I genuinely believe slope to be a useful and fun language to use and I enjoy working on and in the language.

Now, part of it being a hobby is that it is not a business. It is also not something that is being promoted with the intent of having some great number of people using it. It is simply a fun thing. Having released a number of "free software" projects I have, at various points, felt put off by some elements of that software model and political view. I have the time I have to work on hobby software and not much more. I build my hobby projects primarily for me, but also like having others use them if they are interested. The code is developed in the open, is permissively licensed, and the source code is available (and I hope clean enough for folks to be able to hack around on it a bit). However, I am not interested in outside contributions to slope and its tooling beyond packages being submitted to the package registry (which I gratefully accept and am quite excited about). I will very likely not fulfill requests to implement cool thing x unless it very genuinely interests me or the asker is a friend (online or otherwise). This outlook lets slope remain a hobby and keeps it something fun, instead of a chore.

I truly wish you lots of fun and good times with slope! Thank you so much for your interest and for checking the project out.

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